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We Protect Those At Risk

Since 2014, We've protected some of the world's most influential

At SPG Worldwide, our elite protectors are chosen for their experience, interpersonal skills, and service-oriented mindset, making them highly adaptable and discreet. They seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle, offering a subtle yet reassuring presence. (read more)

SPG Worldwide eliminates the hassle of sourcing a trustworthy security chauffeur and a secure vehicle each time you travel to a new destination. With just a single phone call, we can swiftly organize a skilled security driver and a meticulously maintained luxury vehicle at any location worldwide.

Regardless of the scale or setting of your exclusive event, whether indoors or outdoors, intimate or grand, SPG Worldwide offers comprehensive assistance in crafting contingency plans. Our services include briefing technical staff, coordinating with local governments, and collaborating with emergency and first aid services to ensure maximum protection throughout your event.

We specialize in safeguarding your family and securing your premises, residence, and valuable possessions. Recognizing that security needs vary, some families may require full-time protection, while others may only need security during events or temporarily heightened risk periods.


High-level Protection

From media protection to the high seas!

Media security, or media protection, stands as a distinct discipline. Our expertise lies in safeguarding both independent freelance journalists and media teams engaged in broadcast journalism overseas or investigative journalism within their home country.

Our comprehensive approach involves the integration of technical security systems, the anticipation and assessment of potential risks throughout voyages or in marinas, and a well-trained crew.

We encompass within the realm of marine or maritime security all the diverse maritime services intricately connected with safeguarding ports, offshore platforms, vessels, and the well-being of both crew and passengers. Our comprehensive approach ensures a thorough consideration of all aspects pertaining to the security of maritime environments and activities.