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Missing Persons.

When searching for missing persons, you have a couple of options, including seeking assistance from law enforcement or engaging an independent professional firm like SPG Worldwide. The choice depends on the specific situation and your relationship with the missing person. It’s important to note that our methods for locating missing persons may vary.

Law Enforcement Assistance

In the event of a loved one disappearing without a trace, it is imperative to promptly contact the police to file a missing person report. The police will initiate immediate action and open a case. However, it’s important to understand that this doesn’t necessarily mean an instant mobilization of a search party. The initial steps may involve registering all pertinent information provided by you and assessing the situation. The approach to finding a missing person varies based on the circumstances, and the procedures differ when dealing with a missing child compared to an adult disappearance.

SPG Private Assistance

Determining whether someone is considered missing often hinges on the individual and the surrounding circumstances. In the case of adults, the unusual nature of their absence and potential risks involved necessitate an investigation. Essentially, individuals who become victims of crime or seek solitude have different motivations than those evading responsibilities. This latter category includes scenarios such as parents avoiding alimony or child support, parental kidnapping, criminals evading justice or tax authorities, and fraudulent business partners.

In situations where police assistance may be delayed or they lack grounds to pursue the case further, our services offer an alternative for those seeking help in locating someone.



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