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Covert Executive Protection.

Explore one of the premier protective services offered by SPG Worldwide—Covert Executive Protection. Our interpretation of “covert” is centered around ensuring your safety discreetly, allowing you to go about your activities without being noticeably accompanied. We take pride in seamlessly blending into the background to minimize any disruption to your routine.

Explore the flexibility of our protection services with the choice between Low Profile and Covert Protection. Based on your specific needs and the results of our risk assessment, we offer low profile close protection that, while not entirely covert, proves highly effective in certain scenarios.

Low Profile Protection vs Covert Protection

Our officers seamlessly blend into the environment during low profile close protection operations, ensuring maximum effectiveness. They remain within arm’s reach of the client, providing a discreet yet robust protective presence. Consider combining a low profile close protection team with a covert protection team for an enhanced security solution tailored to your requirements.

Covert Executive Protection Agents

For the discreet protection of VIPs, business leaders, (Ultra) High-Net-Worth Individuals, royalty, and their families, our team delivers a service akin to our esteemed bodyguard offerings. Our approach begins with a meticulous survey of your requirements, a comprehensive risk assessment, and strategic planning. Following this, we provide a detailed briefing on our methods.

Counter Surveillance & Surveillance Detection

Our counter-surveillance officers play a crucial role in enhancing your security through a two-step process.

First, they purposefully identify any hostile surveillance teams observing you or your family, whether at your residence, business premises, or in public places, especially during their preparatory phase. This initial step is known as counter-surveillance or surveillance detection.

Secondly, once the identification is confirmed, we deploy a covert surveillance team to observe the hostile element. The primary objective is to gather intelligence on the identity of your observers, the vehicles they are using, and their motives. Being well-informed and preempting a potential attack can be instrumental in ensuring your safety.

For further details on our professional covert executive protection service, we encourage you to reach out to us at your earliest convenience.



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